At Zen Designs we painstakingly research, test and pack each of our hundreds of products at our small warehouse right in Mt Maunganui, NZ. Ensuring you receive high quality ingredients that will fuel your passion for hand crafting. We absolutely love helping others get that immense feeling of satisfaction and pride that comes from making something with your own two hands ♥

We have a growing range of candle making, soap making, skincare & crafting ingredients

We have one of New Zealand’s largest range of skin safe fragrances which are suitable for use in soap, candles, body and cleaning products.

100% NZ owned and operated family business since 2012.

We believe in offering high quality, natural where possible, products and exceptional service.

The name Zen Designs originated when I first started out about five years ago making and selling candles and soaps at markets. The name came from the idea of making products (designs) using mainly natural ingredients which could help to bring a little calmness, relaxation and balance into your life. Even though I don’t sell the finished products any more, I like to think that our customers can find a little ‘zen’ when making their own designs.