Caffeinated Body Cream

REPOSTED 11 July 2019 This recipe was originally posted on our website waaay back in June 2015. Following some recent media coverage on how caffeine powder can be highly toxic and even deadly when ingested in large doses (which it absolutely is!), we thought we’d re-share the recipe and show the reason why WE sell […]

Cocoa Butter Oatmeal Bath Bombs

Cocoa Butter Oatmeal Bath Bomb

Ingredients Powders420g (51.5%) baking soda210g (26%) citric acid130g (16%) epsom salts14g (1.7%) white kaolin clay8g (1%) colloidal oatmeal Oils12g (1.5%) cocoa butter12g (1.5%) polysorbate 80 8g | 1% essential oil blend (3g lavender, 3g ylang ylang, 2g patchouli) ExtrasDried cornflower petalsDried rose budsWitch hazel in a mister, if needed Tools & Equipment BowlSieveWhisk/Spatula/SpoonAluminium bath bomb […]

Almond Milk, Oat & Honey Bastille Soap

I was excited to receive my copy of Milk Soaps by Anne-Marie Faiola. I have all of her books, which I refer back to quite a lot, to come up with inspiration and soap ideas. I love using milk in soap, but in the past I’ve only tried goat’s milk, and more recently, coconut milk. […]

Reward Points

How do I earn Reward Points? Easy! Simply make sure you have a registered account with us. Every time you complete an order, the reward points will automatically be added to your points balance. You can also earn points by writing reviews of our products. For every $1 you spend on qualifying purchases, you earn […]