Rebatching Soap Scraps

I’m sure this is a familiar sight for any cold process soap maker – the container (or boxes in my case) of soap shavings and off cuts which are left over when you cut and tidy your soaps. All of our bathrooms at work have my soap off cuts for hand washing, and you’ll more […]

Mica in Cold Process Soap – Part 1

As someone who has made cold process soap for several years now, I have certainly experienced my share of soap fails. Usually it was because I was unprepared or because I hadn’t looked up how a fragrance oil performs (‘cement’ soap in a bowl is NOT what I generally strive for!) Colours have also been […]

Holiday Opening Hours & Updates

The Christmas season has come around again, scarily fast this year! We’ve been in the throes of our busiest time of year these last few weeks and I’d just like to say a big THANK YOU to all our customers for being patient and sticking with us throughout some of our more challenging times – […]