These bubbling bath salts combine the benefits of epsom salts which can help to relieve muscle pain and inflammation, and can improve circulation. Himalayan salts which are also excellent for aches and pains so adding both salts to your bath is like having a super charged soak! The addition of baking soda helps to soften and detoxify your skin.

Combine these awesome ingredients with a little SLSa and you get a bubble bath with benefits!

(makes 3 x 150g Kraft Pouches)

300g of Epsom Salts
240g of Himalayan salt (finely ground)
300g of Baking Soda
120g Citric Acid
90g SLSa
3 mini scoops Red ZeBomb!
12ml Fairy Dust Fragrance Oil

Step One

Combine all  ingredients into a mixing bowl. Mix with your hands to work out any clumps until the colour and fragrance is completely mixed. Be careful with the SLSa, it is a very fine powder that can cause breathing irritations. Wear a mask if you suffer from asthma or are sensitive to dust.

Step Two

Spoon into our stand up kraft pouches, or container of your choice. Add about a cup to your bath, then relax and enjoy!