Lavender is the perfect essential oil for linen spray. It not only smells good, it’s calming and relaxing which can help you to drift off for a good nights rest.

What you’ll need

60ml distilled water
40ml Isopropyl alcohol
1ml Lavender essential oil
0.5ml Germaben II
100ml bottle
Mist sprayer

I used a 100ml glass beaker to measure and mix everything up in. You can find those here

Add all the ingredients to your mixing bowl or beaker. Mix well. Pour into your bottle and screw on the mist sprayer.

This linen spray does not have an emulsifier, which means you’ll need to give the bottle a shake before spraying to combine the essential oil and water together again.

You can use this on your linen, towels and fabric furniture. You may like to test this on a small patch of fabric first. We didn’t notice any staining from our tests but it’s better to be safe than sorry!