I love using poppy seeds as an exfoliant. They’re 100% natural, so there are no concerns about what’s going down the drain and out into our oceans, and they don’t dissolve like salt or sugar can. This recipe is palm free and very conditioning for your skin.

What You’ll Need

Step One

Slowly and carefully add the lye to the water and gently stir until the lye has fully dissolved and the liquid is clear. Set aside to cool.

Step Two

Prepare your colours. Dissolve the titanium dioxide in about 2 Tbsp of water, mix until clump free. In a separate container, mix the sunshine yellow mica in about 1 tsp of sweet almond oil to disperse. Set aside until needed.

Step Three

Weigh out the coconut, olive, sweet almond, castor oils and cocoa butter. Melt in the microwave, or on low heat on a stove top until fully liquid and approximately 50 degrees. Once the lye water has cooled to approximately 50 degrees also, slowly pour the lye water into the oils and stick blend until you reach a thin trace.









Step Four

After reaching a thin trace, pour half the soap mixture into a second container (about 480 grams)

Step Five

Add the sunshine yellow mica and mix with a spatula until fully incorporated. Add half the fragrance oil and half the poppy seeds. Mix well. Once at a medium trace so that the poppy seeds are suspended evenly throughout the soap, pour into the wooden loaf mould. Tamp down gently to release any air bubbles. Set aside.










Step Six

Add the titanium dioxide and mix with a spatula until fully incorporated. Add the rest of the fragrance oil and poppy seeds. Mix well. Carefully pour from a low height (you don’t want to break through the yellow soap layer) until the white soap has evenly filled the mould. Gently tamp the mould. Use a chop stick or something similar to draw a crisscross pattern on the top. Don’t put your stick any further down than 1cm as you don’t want to drag through to the yellow soap layer.










Spritz with isopropyl and put aside to setup. Un-mould in 3-4 days. Cut into bars then allow the soap to cure for 4-6 weeks before using.