We recently started stocking fractionated coconut oil, so I wanted to give it a whirl and make a lotion that had a light consistency but still packed with moisturising goodness.

I’ve been testing this recipe for the last week and I really like how light and smoothly it glides onto my skin, while still leaving my skin soft and moisturised hours later. It is a good consistency to use in a lotion pump or squeeze bottle, but can also be used in a cosmetic jar if you prefer to scoop it out with your fingers.

What You’ll Need (makes 1 x 250ml bottle)

Water Phase

Oil Phase

Cooldown Phase

Tools & Equipment:

Double boiler
Two heat proof mixing jugs
1 x 250ml bottle

Step One:

Weigh all your water phase ingredients into a heat proof container and place in the double boiler.

Step Two:

Weigh all your oil phase ingredients into a second heat proof container and place in the double boiler.


Step Three:

Heat the oil and water until they reach a temperature of 70C and hold for 20 minutes. This ensures any bacteria and other badies will be heated out of your mixture. During this time the allantoin will dissolve into the water so it becomes clear.

Step Four:

After 20 minutes of “heat and hold” combine the oil and water phases and mix well. This is the stage that your lotion is emulsifying. The lotion will be a white watery texture. This is completely normal and it will turn into a creamy lotion consistency as it cools. Once your lotion has emulsified set aside for 30 minutes or so to cool, mix every few minutes.

Step Five:

Once the temperature reaches below 45C add your cool down phase ingredients and mix well. The mix will get thicker the cooler it gets.

Step Six:

Once the cream has cooled to room temperature spoon or pipe into jars then enjoy!