Foaming Bath Truffles

Well it seems winter has well and truly arrived this week! Luckily here in Tauranga we usually don’t get hit with the worst of the weather, but I really feel for those of you in more southerly areas. My Mum lives in Christchurch and she sent a picture of the first snow fall this morning, brrr!

It’s the perfect time of year for a nice warm relaxing soak in the tub. Crumble one of these foaming bath truffles under the water when running the bath and enjoy a lovely fragrant and moisturising bath. These are different to regular “bath bombs” as they don’t contain any citric acid to give it a fizz, but they will foam and bubble giving you a more luxurious feeling.

Foaming Bath Truffles

(makes 8)

What you’ll need

75 grams Baking Soda
45 grams SLSa
15 grams Cream of Tartar
8 grams Cocoa Butter
5 grams Glycerin
3 grams Cocomidopropyl Betaine
4 mini scoops Roussillion Mica
3ml Ylang & Amber Fragrance

Lotus Wax Tart Mould

Mixing bowls

Step One:

Add Baking Soda, SLSa, Cream of Tartar and Mica to the mixing bowl. Mix well, making sure to get rid of all the tiny lumps. I like to use my hands to rub the mixture together so it’s a nice fine texture with no lumps.


Step Two

Add the Cocoa Butter to a separate mixing bowl and heat in the microwave in 30 second bursts until melted. Be careful not to overheat the butter. Once melted add the Glycerin, Cocomidopropyl Betaine and Fragrance. The add the wet ingredients to the dry.


Step Three

Mix the ingredients together until completely combined (I use my hands to mix) and the mixture holds together when squeezed. If your mixture seems a little crumbly, spritz with a little witch hazel or add more glycerin until you get the right texture.


Step Four

Spoon the mixture into the mould and press firmly so it’s tightly packed. Set aside to harden. I left mine for about four hours, but you may need longer depending on the weather conditions.


Step Five

Once the truffles have hardened, gently press the back of each cavity. The truffles should slide right out easily. If they don’t come out easily they may not be hard enough yet.


Set aside to continue drying for about 24 hours then package up. I’ve used a cute bail jar to keep mine nice and dry when storing in the bathroom.


Remember these aren’t bath fizzies, so you need to crumble them under the running water to ensure they melt completely releasing all the skin softening ingredients.

3 thoughts on “Foaming Bath Truffles

  1. aypittar says:

    I have never heard of bath truffles – so guess what’s first on my list? I just need to know what SLSa and cocomidolpropyl Betaine are for and I’m happy. By the way, you have an excellent site, easy to navigate and full of detail and information. Your prices are reasonable too. Thanks.

    • Kirsty Nielsen says:

      Thank you!

      I’ll write up a post detailing what the SLSa and Cocomidolpropyl Betaine, but in a nutshell they provide the bubbles! I’ve used these truffles a few times now since I posted the recipe and with just one truffle you get loads of bubbles that last a really long time, and it’s so much better for your skin than the bubble bath you can buy in the shops!

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