Fragrance Oil Shipment Update

We have just received some really bad news from our shipping agent.

Originally they told us our fragrance shipment was due to arrive at the port of Auckland on the 12th of November. The 12th of November came and went and we were told that there had been a slight delay, but the shipment would definitely arrive on the 20th of November. That has not happened.

I finally got some answers out of the managing director of my shipping agent. It appears the staff member handling my shipment at his company has completely messed up and my shipment is still sitting over in the USA. It was never loaded onto the ship that she kept assuring me was arriving into NZ. She has since lost her job at the shipping agency.

Unfortunately what this means for us is all the out of stock fragrances that you have been waiting so patiently for are not here. The most recent ETA we have been given (complete with ship loading manifests this time for proof!) is arrival into the port of Auckland on the 10th of December. Delivery to us will likely be around the 15th of December.

I have urgently put an emergency order through to our manufacturer to DHL several fragrances over to us, including

  • Black Raspberry Vanilla
  • Christmas Time
  • Christmas Cabin
  • Frosted Pinecones
  • Gingerbread

We were only able to get very limited stock sent over via DHL so this won’t last long, but hopefully it will be enough to get you by until our large shipment finally arrives.

We very sincerely apologise to all those who will be affected by this huge error. We have been extremely let down by our shipping agent (now former shipping agent) which in turn has meant we have let you, our loyal customers down.


3 thoughts on “Fragrance Oil Shipment Update

  1. Irene Beaven says:

    Hi Kirsy was in the other day and your mum said that you would be getting a small amount of black raspberry vanilla f in. Am I able to get you to put aside a medium bottle and I will come and pick it up thanks Irene 0220642202

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