Pricing Updates

As some of you may already be aware the fragrance industry has been hit hard by two factory fires which destroyed raw materials used in manufacturing fragrance oils. Added to this we have the ever decreasing USD/NZD exchange rate, and to top it all off, rising fuel prices are now being passed onto us from shipping companies.

We have chosen to stick with our current fragrance manufacturers which ensures you will be getting the same high quality products from us, but keeping the top quality and not reformulating with cheaper ingredients comes at a cost.

We have absorbed as much as we can ourselves, but it has gotten to a point where we now unfortunately have to start passing on some of these increases.

All our current stock that we have on hand will stay the same price, but as our new shipments arrive, the new pricing will come into effect. (We are expecting new fragrance shipments to arrive at the end of October and another mid-November)

As always, we endeavour to provide the highest quality products to our customers. We know you have several options on where you buy products, so we really appreciate our loyal customers who choose to stick with us.

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