One of the most common questions in candle making is what wick should I use. We carry a full range of sizes from tea light wicks to large container candle wicks.

How to measure your container

The size wick you need depends on the diameter (width) of your container. All our wicks are 150mm in length so as long as your container isn’t taller than 135mm then our wicks will be suitable for you.



What size wick do I need?

Once you have determined what the diameter of your container is you can choose the suitable wick size from the table below.


CDN (Stabilo) Wicks

CDN Wicks Container Diameter
CDN3 22mm – tealight
CDN4 33mm – tealight
CDN5 35-40mm
CDN6 40-45mm
CDN7 45-50mm
CDN8 50-55mm
CDN10 55-60mm
CDN12 60-65mm
CDN14 65-70mm
CDN16 70-75mm
CDN18 75-80mm
CDN20 80-85mm
CDN22 85-90mm
CDN24 90-95mm
CDN26 95-100mm


ECO Series Wicks

ECO Wicks Container Diameter
ECO-1 25-35mm
ECO-2 35-50mm
ECO-4 50-60mm
ECO-6 60-70mm
ECO-8 70-75mm
ECO-10 75-80mm
ECO-12 80-90mm
ECO-14 85-95mm


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